Content Writing

Solve your audience’s problems.

Write for your audience, wherever they are in their journey with you. Your audience already searches for the answers you could be providing.

Need content writing done but don’t have time to create your own how-to guides or best-practice lists? Contact Me.

You can develop engaging content.

  1. Name the steps in your audience’s journey and what they want to solve at each step
  2. Be clear about what you offer — and how to access it
  3. Have measurable goals in mind for what you want your audience to do after they access your content: click for more? Sign-up for a newsletter? Complete an order?
  4. Ensure that someone specific is expecting an upcoming blog post; that person may be your first and strongest sharer of the content — one way to honor someone’s work and to create anticipation is to ask to reference the person in a post
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