Education Design

Demystify paths to performance.

Give your staff or learners what they deserve: clarity of why, what, who, when, and how. Even which. Replace the idea that people should “just get” something or that directions are too difficult to present.

Need education writing done but don’t have time to create your own information-mapped guides or job aids? Or you want to call upon my years of experience as a learning facilitator for diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives? Contact Me.

You can gather and design guidance that increases people’s ability to deliver powerful results.

  1. Be clear about why you need something done — sure, it might ultimately be to make a profit or the world a better place, but what benefits will occur for your audience if your staff members know more or do better?
  2. State, honestly, what’s negotiable and what isn’t — don’t get stuck on how something is done if people’s performance would skyrocket if they had more freedom
  3. Ask your staff or learners what they would love to improve at and why — ask how bettering their knowledge and how-to would help your audience
  4. Know your baseline and where you want to head — and measure the changes from multiple sources after you implement a new guide, so you can celebrate and adjust
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