Evolve diversity into inclusion.

Picture this: You’ve invited lots of kinds of people to your organization — but it soon becomes clear to them that you’re not ready to accept them for who they are. In such scenarios, employees and learners know you’re pushing assimilation, not practicing true inclusion. Soon, you lose the very people who could have helped your work evolve.

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You can help people be true contributors by allowing them to be themselves.

  1. With your staff or learners, admit and post a goal: You want everyone to be invited and belong — use this agreement as something to go back to as a guiding star
  2. Be clear about what it means to traditionally affirm only certain people — make sure you and your staff and learners share definitions and examples
  3. Work together to be honest that your organization participates in traditionally affirming only certain kinds of people — in a brave space, name when and how this has been true
  4. Collaborate on solutions to create a place where everyone is allowed to be a great contributor
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