Writing Prompts

Sometimes a candle lighted gets new writing to the page. Welcome to allowing yourself some dreaming time. Use this two weeks’ worth of daily prompts to spark your nonfiction, fiction, poetry, or another focus.

Writing Prompt 1. Welcome to Summer Dreaming. Imagine hot, still air. Where are you? The pool? Gas station? Porch? How do you show that it's hot and still?
Writing Prompt 2. Welcome to Boardwalk Dreaming. As you stroll the beach boardwalk, a shopping cart careens at you. If anyone, who's in it? What do you do next?
Writing Prompt 3. Welcome to Rock Beach Dreaming. Janet kneels on the pebbles to dig. She scoops away till she gasps. What does she find? What does it remind her of?
Writing Prompt 4. Welcome to Flower Dreaming. Henri begins an out-of-town hike. He spots flowers, so sniffs 'em. What scent does he experience? What's his reaction?
toddwe.com writing prompt #5. Welcome to closet dreaming. You open a closet expecting your clothes, but whose do you find instead? What do you feel about trying on what's in there?
toddwe.com writing prompt #6. The clouds blanketing the sky dissipate and allow the sun to shine down. What do the rays highlight first?
toddwe.com writing prompt #7. Waiting for a delayed friend, Pat spins a handle of the table. A cute stranger asks if the table's in use. What does Pat say and do?
toddwe.com writing prompt #8. A friend says they'll bring pizza over. You balk because of what happened the last time with pizza. They ask for the story.
toddwe.com writing prompt #9. June sets her magazine aside to concentrate on the unexpected sound of a favorite song. What is it, and where is it coming from?
toddwe.com writing prompt #10. Sticking his head outside, Gene takes a deep breath and notices a pleasant odor. He scans the yard and sees what?
toddwe.com writing prompt #11. In a staff meeting, someone you trust hands you a note. It's a comment on the proceedings. How do you react?
toddwe.com writing prompt #12. You, regardless of artistic flair, get to spend a month being paid to paint one painting. What do you research, visit, and paint?
toddwe.com writing prompt #13. Extremely thirsty, you yank open the fridge. What beverage is it full of -- and why?
toddwe.com writing prompt #14. Create an under-300-word story. Include these words: fly, air, bird, distance, ability.

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