Australians Against What?

There I was, just relaxing the time away after holiday dinner. There were so many marathons on TV: House, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Cold Case, etc. And I’m at my parents’ house, so there’s (1) TV and (2) The Computer.

Thus, at some point when I was watching the fourth (or fifth?) episode of “House,” I thought: didn’t those two actors get married? Jesse Spencer and that co-star woman? So, I decided to Google ’em (yes, using Google). Eventually I landed at Jesse Spencer’s Wikipedia page. And on it there was some reference to a group his parents founded: Australians Against Further Immigration. Mind you, I didn’t know what it was…and I still don’t. And now I am certainly distracted from finding out if the two people are or are not married.

I clicked for the Wikipedia link for that page and came across an article that had been, well, changed, from what I could tell. I couldn’t tell if the article was in its originally intended state or not from my Wikipedia comparison of versions (a tool to use if you have a Wikipedia account), but, well, you tell me if it’s been changed and what this apparently political Australian group is all about. Here’s the link: AAFI. If you have that annoying pop-up snapshots thing, it indeed shows a different version in its preview window.

All this because I was looking up some celebrity gossip about married co-stars on a TV show to see if it was true or not. Oh, and on that note, back to finding out if they are married or not.

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