Expedia: Poor Form?

OK, Expedia: we’re fighting.  I’m not sure you even care.  This is like when I’m mad at a decades-old friend who is oblivious to it.  And maybe that makes me a little more annoyed.

Why are we fighting?  Well, I’ll put it into list form for you:

1) While it’s been my choice to call you before and during a massive travel adjustment period due to Hurricane Irene, 52 minutes is too long for someone to be on hold and not have your system reroute somehow.  So is 30+ minutes, what I’ve experienced on two other calls.  I have to say, though, that I can understand the busy time, if indeed it’s due to a massive amount of people affected by the hurricane.  I can’t understand a company of your age, though–that does all of its business virtually–not to have customer routing systems.

2) After I finally chatted with “Jimmy” following a 9 or 10-minute hold period (which seemed fast, though that’s a trick: under normal circumstances this is slow), I was hung up on twice.  “Jimmy” nicely called me back once, but not the next time.  That ‘call’ was about 60 minutes of hold altogether, never reaching the promised correct department.

3) Don’t play “Time Keeps on Slipping” when people are on hold.

I’m open, though.  Is this poor form or am I being a too-demanding customer?  I’d like to adjust something I bought from you before it’s too late.  If you say I can do that, why is it so hard to do so?

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