Nathan Englander & Loving Writing

We sometimes want to see an author read not only to hear the words–but to watch passion.  And then to get to double-down on the passion in an author Q&A–well, that can be the best two-for-one.  Seeing Nathan Englander on Tuesday, 22 February 2012, at Boswell Books read from his new short story collection “What We Talk About When We Talk About Anne Frank” was a treat in that regard.  Imagine the voyeuristic experience of being in a room when someone admits ardor for another, who starts with “I love you” and then accelerates to assured embrace, and I think you have some part of what we had.  Thanks to Shane Papendorf of Boswell for snapping the shot (Englander is second from left).

One thought on “Nathan Englander & Loving Writing

  1. Nathan Englander! He’s amazing! I was in an amazing book club for more than 10 years (some truly great thinkers from all kinds of professions and mindsets) and his For the Relief of Unbearable Urges was our first book. It still stands out as great reading moment for me. Thanks for the post, Todd.

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