Pottermore… more… more!

http://www.pottermore.com is open, so I thought I’d take a look inside to see how I still felt about Harry Potter. About those seven books I’d read in about two weeks about four years ago. Oh, and guess what? I still feel like I want them to go on. And they can. And thus: I spent a few hours in Pottermore. I got my wand. (Phoenix Feather core!) I got hat-sorted. (Gryffindor!) I tried to make a potion (Failed at that so far!) And what makes it lovely? The main thing for me is that I get to read J. K. Rowling’s notes–when I unlock them by undertaking certain tasks–on how she wrote a long-arc story with a large cast, ample clutch of settings, and plenty of subplots. Regardless of how literary the work actually is–that will be argued for a bit, I’m sure–I marvel at an author being a celebrity in this day and age, not just the author’s work.

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