Top 5 #harrypotterregrets

JK Rowling’s revelation that Hermione and Ron ending up together in the Harry Potter series was, in retrospect, not ideal has caused quite the reactions — see examples here in the Guardian.

Imagine what will happen when fans hear about Rowling’s other #harrypotterregrets — Breaking — JK Rowling now thinks…
5) Harry should have gone to culinary arts school instead of wizarding school. “Imagine the magic he could have done with spices!” she said.
4) Hogwarts should have been more of a barn than a castle. “Castles are so obviously magical.”
3) There should have been a section on firing the housekeeping staff. “I mean, look at the Chamber of Secrets in the end — still full of Basilisk bones.”
2) Book 8 should’ve been “House of Dursley,” in which Dudley reunites the Death Eaters — but with lots of cake to eat.
1) (But since book 8 didn’t happen:) Voldemort should have won. “Perhaps with infinite Horcruxes?”

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