Three Ways for Bigger Business to Support Main Street America

Decision Makers at Bigger Businesses — Main Street America needs you. With these three ways to help, you won’t go too far out of your way, but you will help your local businesses tremendously. And you’ll help us all avoid seeing rows of empty storefronts throughout our neighborhoods.

Bemis_Block_and_other_buildings_on_South_Main_Street,_Canandaigua,_NY by Daniel Case

(1) Invest Locally = Buy Gift Cards Locally. Bigger Businesses give their employees gift cards to say thank you throughout the year. Companies purchase stacks of them for the month of December for end-of-year holidays. Whatever the reason, buying gift cards from your area small businesses (think books, music, coffee, t-shirts, food, salons, candles, and more) invest in the local economy and local owners.

(2) Produce Locally = Print Your Materials Locally. Local print shops offer fast service with discounts for bulk orders. Even businesses with in-house printing sometimes need external vendors, so look into your locally owned print shops for your banner, card, brochure, and poster needs.

(3) Improve Company Decisions = Survey and Share Your Employees’ Favorite Locally Owned Stores. Sharing back your employees’ knowledge about your community aids in your internal problem solving. More employees will know which restaurants to consider for special dinners, which shops print up quality t-shirts, and which car services offer stand-by airport service — and much more.

Bigger Business can support the little guys in three easy ways. With a focus on Main Street America businesses, local communities will stop fearing rows of empty storefronts and will keep looking forward to thriving streets everywhere.

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