In-Person to Virtual Classroom Planning


Many people I know facilitate learning in classrooms across the country and world — for schools, nonprofits, businesses, and more — and, due to community health concerns, the question of how to transition from an in-person room to a virtual one is on the rise.

To help learning facilitators transition their classrooms from in-person to virtual, see my new Classroom Facilitators In-Person to Virtual Guide to reflect on steps to take to ensure a quality experience for learners. Feel free to in-kind share or copy this guide in its current format, including with credit listed.

We are able to offer quality virtual classrooms — but sometimes we need a way to think through all the parts to make it happen, especially when an in-person classroom was a big part of the original plan.

Also, remember to keep your students at the center of your thinking. Nicole Gonzalez Van Cleve shares an approach to this:

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