Where to Submit Writing

So, you’ve written a poem, essay, or short story, and you want to know where to submit it. The most common piece of submission advice I’ve heard is “Submit to what you read.”

Following the idea of “submit to what you read,” where then do you find what to read? Here are three online resources for potential homes for your work:

  1. Queer writers may want to peruse Lambda Literary’s Calls for Submissions. For over 30 years, Lambda has championed LGBTQ authors.
  2. Writers of color may find new opportunities through Galleyway, which works hard to spotlight journals and other venues for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color writers.
  3. Submittable’s Discover Opportunities page acts as a rolling calendar of free and paid submission opportunities. You can search by tags as well.

After you’ve bookmarked a pile of sites, read their current and past issues. Explore their current and upcoming calls. Decide if paying for submissions is right for you. And end up with a list of where to submit your writing that follows the idea of “Submit to what you read.”

Read more about the importance of the writing ecosystem here.

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