Go Local for Thanksgiving Shopping

That onslaught of advertising is here.  Which?  The ever-pushes for holiday spending.  This year I’ve read some stores are getting a head start on ‘Black Friday’ by repurposing Thanksgiving evening.  I don’t understand if the economy would actually tank if we didn’t all go out and buy, well, stuff during the holidays.  Instead, since most of us’ll shop regardless, let me suggest you spend your money at local businesses.  For Milwaukeeans: one place you may want to trade money for nice things is Boswell Books.  At right I’m sitting happy in my Boswell T-shirt.  So stylish!   In fact, I think I read better when I have it on.  You should get one, too.  In fact, buy three.

For reading on why to buy local, here’s an article from Time: Buying Local.

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