Why, Goblet of Fire, Why?

Those enrolled in Harry Potter Studies have heard the question — Why even have The Triwizard Tournament in Goblet of Fire (Harry Potter Book 4)? Why not just have someone kidnap Harry in an easier manner or at an earlier time?

HP4 CoverAfter a recent reread of Book 4, a simple idea occurred to me — which may have already settled out for you: J. K. Rowling has a reason for the tournament needing to play out. Starting from there, here’s my sense-making:

(1) Voldemort wants Harry, not some other enemy, as part of Wormtail’s doings in the graveyard.
(2) The Cup winner gets imbued with glory by the Triwizard Cup. (No matter a tie, it seems.)
(3) The Cup doesn’t care if you get help from baddies to win.
(4) But the Cup requires you to go through the tournament at the set pace of the tasks to unlock the glory.
(5) With all this, Voldemort will postpone the graveyard situation till Harry gets leveled up with the glory of the Cup.

Let’s return to the question — Why not just have someone kidnap Harry in an easier manner or at an earlier time? Voldemort wanted Harry to take the Cup’s glory booster first, which couldn’t be rushed.

Does this make sense compared to Voldemort’s other movements? Sure — he’s focused enough in Sorcerer’s / Philosopher’s Stone to try for nearly a year for a method of revival. Likewise in Chamber of Secrets. Self-Assurance is one of Voldemort’s CliftonStrengths, no doubt, so he’s not one to be shaken by the Cup’s timing necessities.

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