Does your organization admit it only affirms certain kinds of people?

I recently presented at the Northern Illinois Center for Nonprofit Excellence’s virtual conference on what traditional affirming of only certain people looks like, what it means to admit it’s true, and what to do about it. Soon after, The Root published an article focusing on the second part not going so well for a large tech company.

Check out The Root’s article here: Black Google Employee Said She Was Fired for Calling Out the Company’s Treatment of Minority Employees

NPR covered the tech company’s response, which publicly admitted the organization traditionally affirms only certain kinds of people — and even punishes others.

Check out NPR’s reporting here: Google CEO Apologizes, Vows To Restore Trust After Black Scientist’s Ouster

It was a relief to see a large, visible company not only say it values diversity and inclusion — but to admit that it messed up — and that it has more work to do. Hopefully, the organization doesn’t stall out before it achieves the third phase of really doing something about how they traditionally affirm only certain kinds of people.

Read more about my writing and facilitation for inclusion here.

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