Beyond Queer Words 2022

I’m happy to share a recent publication of mine — Dust, Rain, Mud, Sun, Dust — in Beyond Queer Words 2022.

Writers featured in this edition of Beyond Queer Words anthology: Hugo Scheubel, Dani Soto, Justin F. Robinette, Katherine Hsu, Todd Wellman, Jonhathan Mars, M.N. Chikwendu, Sunshine Caseñas, Andrew Sarewitz, James Callan, Z. Hanna Mahon, Oliver Rose Brown, Maria Carrera, Michael McGuire, Dustin Hendrick, Douglas Moser, Alexandria Goodson, Elizabeth Crowell, Lael Cassidy, Stephen Watson, Shana Reed, Jessica Mendoza, Barbara Ivusic, Maranda Greenwood, Payton Polanco, Charles Stephens, Anna Kathleen Little, Charis Young, J. Michael Norris, Xen Virtue, TQ Sims, and Deco De Velasco.

Visual Artist featured: Liall Linz (Cover), Trevor Eichenberger, Elizabeth Lax, Giulio Secondo, Almir Ulises Mestre León, Liz Harvey, David Dasharath Kalal, Jack Jacques, Kris Lodu, Joel Angel (“Le Joe”), and Matty Heimgartner.

The anthology’s editorial board comprises Gal Slonim, Emma McNamara, Brian Skillman, Edward M. Cohen, and Peyton Fultz.

Generally, find books at your local store listed at, or shop online through or (Links may provide a benefit to the referrer.)

Read more about my fiction writing here.

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